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Seasonal work. Strawberry and pea picking. - English​

About Us: The season starts around early June and continues for 5-8 weeks. We start picking strawberries early in the morning and usually finish between 10 am and 1 pm. You may be asked to pick peas and black currant as well.​

Pickers are young local people and around 25 people from other EU countries.​

Strawberry picking is hard work, but you can make good money if you're a good worker. You will be paid according to the amount of fruit you pick.​

You will need a tent and camping equipment. We have a barn where you can cook your meals. We provide a toilet / shower and primitive facilities: an electric cooker, fridge and cooking table. There is internet access.​

In the village Bækmarksbro (2 km away) you can do your everyday shopping. The nearest cities are 6, 18 and 24 km away (Vemb, Lemvig and Holstebro). For further information about our local area: www.tangsoecentret.dk/ www.lemvigweb.dk/ http://www.visitlemvig.dk/

Weather in Denmark can be cold, wet, windy, dry or warm.​


Your qualifications if you want to work with us:

You must be 18 years or more
You must be a citizen and a have European passport
You must be willing to work for three weeks or more
You can start early in the morning and you are hardworking
You are not allowed to bring pets


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